Paul's Letter

Paul in his monthly letter opens with "'What is truth?' is a question that we usually wait until Holy Week to ponder ... however, and following the election of Donald Trump as US President, we have been confronted by it somewhat earlier." Read more

Big Brunch

Big Brunch will be open again on Saturday, 25th March, so come along between 10.30am and 1pm for a Full-English for £4 and support our youngsters going to Spring Harvest in 2017.

Big Brunch normally takes a break after March until September but this year we are contemplating opening up for one Saturday in each of May, June and July, the profits from which will go towards our 'Flush Fund' to refurbish the gent's and all-access toilets. Please let us know if you think this is a good idea and watch this space for confirmation of dates.

Table-Top Sale

Just to let you know that the Table-Top sale held on Saturday, February 18th, raised £350 towards our 'Flush Fund'. Many thanks to all who helped made this a success and special thanks to Sylvia Baxter for organising the event and for the delicious lunches.

General Church Meeting

Advance notice that this year's General Church Meeting will be held after the service on Sunday, 12th March. It is an open meeting where we can meet, reflect on the past year and discuss plans for the future. It is also an opportunity for you to raise any questions you may have. Please put the date in your diary and come along on the day to have your say.

Services for February 2017

Sunday, 5th 10:30 Rev Paul Timmis (Cafe Worship)
Sunday, 12th 10:30 David Eagle (Morning Worship)
  18:30 Rev Paul Timmis (Holy Communion)
Sunday, 19th 10:30 Rev Emma Atkins (Morning Worship)
Sunday, 26th 10:30 Rev Paul Timmis (Holy Communion)

Services for March 2017

Sunday, 5th 10:30 Rev Paul Timmis (Holy Communion)
Sunday, 12th 10:30 Rev Paul Timmis (Morning Worship)
Sunday, 19th 10:30 Tony Loft (Morning Worship)
  18:30 Rev Paul Timmis (Holy Communion)
Sunday, 26th 10:30 Rev Paul Timmis (Cafe Worship

This week please pray for ...

  • Marriage - Pray for anyone you know who is getting married this year. Ask that they would allow God to be their guide through their new life together
  • Fear - Tell God about any fears you have this week. Ask Him to release those fears and replace them with complete trust in His promises.
  • Generosity - Ask God to give you opportunities to be generous with your love and your time this week. Pray that He would help you give them freely without expecting anything in return.
  • Attitude - Pray that God would give you an attitude that's constantly joyful and approachable and makes you instantly recognisable as a disciple of Christ.
  • Difficult times - Thank God that even in difficult times and circumstances, He's there for us, ready to give us strength and guidence.

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