Paul's Letter

Dear Friends,

In the wake of the EU Referendum and its result, I thought I ought to offer something in response. Whilst I am still in an early stage of reflecting upon the events of the past few days, I did manage to write a sermon for the first Sunday following the referendum (26/6). Given that I preached it to a select band in the evening at Martin Way, I offer it instead of a letter this month in the hope that you find it helpful.

With every blessing,

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Community News

Programmes for 2016 and 2017 have been posted on the Community Page for both The Morden Park Townswomen's Guild and The Elizabethan Floral Arranging Society.

Services for August 2016

Sunday, 7th 10:30 Valerie Ashcroft (Morning Worship)
Sunday, 14th 10:30 Rev Paul Timmis (Morning Worship)
Sunday, 21st 10:30 Tony Loft (Morning Worship)
  18:30 Rev Paul Timmis (Holy Communion)
Sunday, 28th 10:30 Brenda Cannon (Morning Worship)

This week please pray for ...

  • Perseverance - Pray for those going through tough times. Ask that they would have the strength to not give up.
  • Parents - Pray for all parents and guardians. Ask God to give them wisdom as they face the responsibility of raising children
  • Delegation - Pray for those you know who are overworked. Ask God to show you ways you could help them.
  • Relationships - Pray that God would show you any relationships in your life that need consideration.
  • Criticism - Pray that you would be open to criticism and that you would be able to use it as an opportunity to learn and grow.

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