Services for January 2017

Sunday, 1st 10:30 Tony Loft (Morning Worship)
Sunday, 8th 10:30 Rev Paul Timmis (Covenant and HC)
Sunday, 15th 10:30 Tony Loft (Morning Worship)
  18:30 United Ecumenical Service at St Mary's, Merton Park
Sunday, 22nd 10:30 Rev Paul Timmis (Morning Worship)
Sunday, 29th 10:30 Rev Margaret Adams (Morning Worship)

Paul's Letter

Paul in his monthly letter (Letter Page) asks what difference a story about the birth of a newborn child in humble surroundings can make in the uncertain times - politically and economically - in which we live.

Joint Ecumenical Service at St Mary's 15th January at 6.30pm

The evening service at Martin Way on the 15th January is cancelled in favour of the 2017 joint ecumenical service at St Mary's, Merton Park, marking the start of the week of Christian Unity. The theme is ‘Crossing Barriers’ with the material being prepared for worldwide use by the churches in Germany based around the verses 2 Corinthians 5:14-20. This text announces that God has, in Christ, reconciled the world to himself. The love of Christ compels us to be ambassadors of this reconciliation, which is enacted by dismantling walls. With the fall of the Berlin Wall, Germany experienced how a seemingly insurmountable wall could be brought down. The fall of this wall is a symbol of hope, demonstrating, that with the love of God, nothing is impossible. All are welcome.

Big Brunch

Big Brunch is starting again on Saturday, 21st January so come along between 10.30am and 1pm for a Full-English for £4 and support our youngsters going to Spring Harvest in 2017.

Table-Top Sale

We are holding a Table-Top sale on Saturday, February 18th 2017 from 10.30am to 3.00pm. Tables are £12 to hire, so come along to sell your unwanted items and gifts. To book a table, please email Sylvia Baxter at sylvia.baxter1@tiscali.co.uk. Refeshments and lunches will be available. Proceeds will be going to our "Flush Fund" to refurbish the gent's and all-access toilets.

This week please pray for ...

  • Teenagers - Pray for wisdom for all parents of teenagers. Ask that they would draw on God's strength during challenging times.
  • Learning - Pray for an attitude that is open to learning and growing. Thank God for the opportunities He gives you to learn new things.
  • Peace - Pray that God will fill you with a sense of His peace.
  • Identity - Pray for those who feel they have to strive to prove their worth. Pray that they would know the truth of God;s love and acceptance.
  • God's help - Thank God that His strength, mercy and grace are always there to help in times of need.

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